Do I need to tune my truck after a DPF delete kit?

Yes, after installing a DPF delete kit, you need to tune your truck.
Delete Tuning, specifically, is important because it helps your truck's engine work with the new changes.
When you take out the DPF, your engine's computer still thinks it's there. So, you need to tell the computer that it's gone.
Delete Tuning adjusts your engine's settings, making sure it works correctly without the DPF.
A tuner, which is a special tool, helps with this. The tuner changes the engine's computer to match the new setup. 
This is done with by the custom delete tune (software) that comes with the tuner. 
This helps your truck run better, use less fuel, and have more power.
When you install a DPF delete kit, you may also remove other parts like the EGR, or DEF tank.
The tuner can help with this too. It makes sure the engine works well without those parts.
It's important to pick the right tuner for your truck. Some tuners are better for certain engines or truck models.
Our diesel specialists can help you choose the best one for your truck.
In summary, after installing a DPF delete kit, you must tune your truck accordingly.
If you want to talk to someone before you commit to a kit, no matter what your question may be, give us a shout and we'll help you the best we can! 

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