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Very pleased!

I bought the tuner to flash the old tune off that came with the truck and I’m quite pleased with it. I have stock power level with stock shift points and a stock pedal feel. Overall very pleased, the only thing I wasn’t absolutely thrilled about was everytime you switch tunes the transmission must relearn adaptives all over again but it is to be expected with the 68rfe. No reason to knock a star off because it worked well for what I needed it to.

Great bundle

Was easy directions and record everything fast! Highly recommend the Diesel Dides!

2020 ram 2500

Diesel dudes are awesome very knowledgeable and answers all my questions the parts came in fast and without any damage and fit perfectly on my truck the install was good and the truck breaths and runs great mpg gain was fantastic I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to upgrade their truck.

Extremely satisfied

The equipment and knowledge provided is top notch and am completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend. Thank you again guys!!

F350 2022 tune

Has some minor issues uploading but was pretty straight forward and any questions I had were answered immediately from the team at Diesel Dudes. I highly recommend them for this type of work.

Great product !

I was nervous about installing this kit. It was recommended by my dealer service manager after I already found it on-line.
The purchase was easy and secure. The shipping was very fast. Two deliveries.
I installed it myself having hardly any knowledge of car mechanics. But the videos were very helpful. I struggled a bit with frozen bolts, but got it done.
I recommend to prepare very thoroughly for bad situations like stripped bolts/ nuts and hard to reach areas.
I completed the install without any catastrophes.
I am very proud of myself to have this accomplished without any mechanics help.
It morphed into an absolute beast of power. So much more power. And better gas mileage.
The 5" exhaust sounds awesome without the muffler.
I am so happy I did this !
I recommend this delete kit and the company , very much.
I am one happy customer !

Great weight loss program

Great kit pretty straightforward everything you need to get your truck running the way they should run from the factory and customer service it’s their number 1 priority

2009-6.9 liter powerstroke full delete

The directions are spot on. Love how easy the turning is, was not extremely difficult to remove egr system.

2021 Ram 2500

The kit went together with ease and programming was quick. Thanks for the fast shipping and kind help along the way. If I need a to get more stuff I will contact them again.

2014 Ram

Had a little bit of a struggle to download the files from the web, but after that all went well and my truck runs much better than it ever has! Im very happy!

Easy Breezy

All of the instructions were on point. Parts were good quality. Tune uploaded. SOTF switch installed without issue. Weight loss a success. Excellent one stop shop for all your needs.

Best on the market

Lots of HP and I just drove from Farmington NM to Sacramento Ca left getting 11mpg now im getting 23.5

Shipping Protection
Charles Davis
Delete plug kit/Shipping Protection

Kit arrived a week after I had ordered it. Had plugs left over that I I didn’t have to use being those sensors are still in use after the DEF, DPF, and EGR delete. There was one plug missing but hard to describe what it went to. I can also send pictures to help with identifying it. Glad to have purchased shipping protection though my order had arrived in a timely manner. Thank to The Diesel Dudes for their assistance and will do business with them in the future.

Priority Processing
Rick Johnson
My LML package order

Very happy with the customer service and the fast shipping👍

Priority Processing
David Rogers

Prompt and on time.

2021 Ram 3500 6.7 HO delete

Purchased the EZ Link delete bundle with the muffler and throttle valve delete. Everything included and delete was easy for even for a novice mechanic. The truck breathes much better now. More power, better throttle response and increased mpg on the highway. Running on the 80hp tune. Recommend doing it.

Great Fuel Milage

The fuel mileage is fantastic. Some of the instructions had something to be desired. The last piece of the exhaust pipe would never go together. The exhaust system arrived with the box torn all to pieces and the new bolts and nuts were missing. Everything shipped pretty quickly. So far everything is good to go. We haven't done the EGR yet because of time.

Great tuner and tune!

Guys are great to work with. They worked with me to get the right tune for my truck. I went with the Raceme Ultra because I had a mm3 before.

Tuner Harness Plug Kit

There was one of the plug covers that wasn't included. I can send a picture of the plug for you all to identify it. Easy to install.

20’ full delete kit and tune

Overall, the delete kit was super convenient and had everything I needed to get the job done. The install was straight forward. It would be nice to have better hardware and flat washers in the kit though. I strongly recommend going over and re tightening the exhaust clamps a few times over the first few hundred miles. I got a lot of movement out of the v band clamp which did leak at first. The Diesel Dudes were awesome to work with but the tuning company, not so much. They provide way more tuning options than advertised which is super confusing. I had issues with one tune and the advice given was to load a different one. This was concerning because I had no way of knowing if the next one would actually work. Their feedback and responses were minimal which left me in a little bit of a guessing game. My recommendation, provide the tunes that were advertised and nothing more. Maybe a 0-180 w/trans and without, and maybe a handful of non SOTF tunes. The trans tunes are harsh and made my truck miserable to drive. The trans would not down shift with throttle input going up grades and I was unable to manually down shift during that time as well for some reason. Lastly, my trans ran hotter than it ever did before, still well within its range and way cooler than stock, but it made me nervous because nothing else changed. I finally loaded the SOTF tune without trans tune and it is driving like it used to.

The kit is great, The Diesel Dudes are great, the tuning company needs work and refinement.

Exhaust issue

The last piece of the exhaust was not flared so it wouldn’t fit

Happy in ks

Kit was complete and easy to install would buy again

Priority Processing
Warren Wilson jr
Great service

Great services, Great product, delivered before scheduled delivery date, putting jigsaw puzzle exhaust pipe together with no markings so so but that’s probably my old as_ fought laying on my back trying to hold stuff up lol - will buy and recommend to others