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Ram Cummins 6.7 Full Delete Bundle | 2013-2018

Ram Cummins 6.7 Full Delete Bundle | 2013-2018

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The Full Delete Bundle includes everything you need to remove your entire emissions system. Your emissions codes will be gone. Your truck will last longer and get better fuel economy. Included is a tuner with preloaded delete tunes, a rust-resistant, delete pipe, and a complete EGR delete kit.

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When you install the delete tune, your truck will no longer have emission related codes or warnings. 

This includes all

1) “See Dealer” codes

2) Check engine codes

3) “Exhaust system service required” codes

4) Limp Mode codes

5) Other emissions related diagnostic codes


2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Ram Cummins 6.7L Diesel 2500, 3500

The kits will fit all PICK-UP trims, cab and box lengths. Including Mega Cab.

This kit will NOT fit the Cab & Chassis trucks. For all Cab & Chassis trucks, please reach out to our team at 888-830-2588


The Full Delete bundle(s) will permanently upgrade your truck to work without the suffocating factory emissions system.

This means you can remove ALL emissions-related parts and sensors for good, including the:

- DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

- DEF tank (Diesel Exhaust fluid)

- EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

- CAT (Catalytic Converters, including DOC and NOX, etc.)

This is made possible by our custom delete tunes that wipe away the emissions system from your truck’s computer.

All you have to do is: 

Plug the tuner into your truck’s OBDII port (located under the steering wheel)

Follow the tune installation instructions we sent you. (Tech support is also available).

Once the pesky emissions system is “deleted” from your truck’s programming, you can proceed to remove all of the parts that are holding your diesel back from running at its best.

Our kit includes a DPF/CAT delete pipe that bolts in place of the original DPF and CAT in the exhaust system.

Lastly, the EGR delete kit will allow you to fully remove the original EGR system, seal shut the openings, and reroute the exhaust to flow out of the pipe.


By deleting the factory emission system which has been suffocating your diesel, you’ll immediately notice a night and day difference. It will perform better in every imaginable way, including speed, fuel economy (5 mpg increase on average), and fewer trips to the autobody shop.

Over time, the kit pays for itself with the fuel savings alone. That’s not even considering how many costly trips to the dealer you’ll be saving yourself.

The last benefit is peace of mind, knowing your truck no longer has a ticking time bomb attached to it.


The EFI Live Bundle includes:

1) EFI Live Tuner and Delete Tune Software (not-preloaded) and all required accessories. Rotary switch to change power levels

2) 4” Rust Resistant DPF & CAT Delete Pipe

3) Complete EGR Delete Kit

The EZ Lynk Bundle includes:

1) Ez Lynk Tuner with Preloaded Delete Tunes and all required accessories. Rotary switch to change power levels

2) 4” Rust Resistant DPF & CAT Delete Pipe

3) Complete EGR Delete Kit

Optional Muffler System.

Optional 5" exhaust system and muffler are available.


The Major differences are:

1) Monitoring

The EZ Lynk can be connected to your phone using the AutoAgent app.

This will allow you to use your phone as a dash mounted monitor to track multiple metrics at one time.

The EFI Live has no monitoring options, but you may purchase an Edge Monitor device and use that after you install the tune.

2) Preloaded Tunes & Power Settings

The EZ Lynk delete tunes are preloaded, and are a plug and play option. This is most convenient, especially if you are not so techsavvy.

Just download the AutoAgent App (free) to control your EZ Lynk device once it is pluged into your truck's OBDII port.

The Ez Lynk also offers 5 power levels, Hiss and Rumble tunes.

The EFI Live delete tunes are NOT preloaded and will be sent to you via email. You will have to follow our instructions and use your computer to download the tunes into the EFI live device.

Windows 7+ Computer Required

The EFI live offers 4 power settings.

3) Factory Reset

The Ez Lynk will allow you to revert your truck back to factory configuration using the device.

This is just in case you need to put your emission system back in place.

The EFI Live does not have this feature and you will have to flash the truck's ECM back to factory settings at a dealership, should you chose to.

You may be wondering: Which one is right for me?

The answer is: It depends. Both tuners will fully delete your truck and allow the removal all emission components, DPF/DEF/EGR & more.

Both are designed to let your truck run better in street, towing, racing or off-road applications.

Both are very popular.

It just comes down to personal preference


If you choose EZ Lynk Bundle, you do not need a computer, the following is only for the EFI Live Bundle:

To make sure you don't run into any problems with your EFI Live delete tuner, make sure your computer or laptop meets the minimum system requirements.

Software: EFI Live Scan & Tune Software V8. Download it for free at EFI Live's website.

Operation System: PC or Laptop with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 , 10 or 11. Not compatible of Macintosh or Linux.

Connectivity: One available USB port to connect the EFI Live tuner to your computer.

Display: We recommend a standard monitor or laptop screen.

Storage: Minimum of 1GB of available hard drive space.


Not tech savvy? Nervous about the software or potentially frying your truck? No worries! With every purchase, we send you a step-by-step instruction guide. Further tech support is also available should any issues arise.

The good news is, our EZ Lynk tuners also come preloaded with your delete tune, just plug it into your truck’s OBDII port and follow our instructions to install your tune. 

The EFI Live requires more steps, please read the tab below.

And yes, if you run into any technical issues, we got your back. You can contact us anytime and we’ll resolve any issues you may encounter.

To install the DPF delete pipe, you’ll need basic tools you probably already own (things like wrenches, ratchets, etc.). There is no welding required; it is installed using bolts and clamps (which we provide).

All of the pieces of the EGR delete kit are bolt on as well, no welding required. We will email you installation videos for these parts as well.

If you are a complete fish out of water when it comes to working on your truck, we highly recommend hiring a shop to do the install for you.


If you order the EFI live device, please note, the delete tunes are NOT preloaded on this device.

You will be emailed your delete tunes.

You will then use the EFI Live V8 software (Free to install) to download the delete tune from your computer to your EFI Live device.

We will provide basic instructions on how to do this, but please be aware, a Windows 7+ Computer Required is required, no Macs or old PCs.

In addition, basic computer skills are required.

We recommend the EZ Lynk bundle if this sounds like too much hassle for you.


The tune we create for the EFI Live & Ez Lynk are custom delete tunes.

After purchasing any bundle, you will be emailed a vehicle information form.

Please fill out the form electronically with the information required (Such as VIN, year/make/model, etc.)

Once we receive this information, we need 2-3 days to process your custom tune.

If you ordered the EZ Lynk, we will ship it to you with the custom tune already preloaded onto the device. Just plug it into your vehicle to upload the tune.

For the EFI Live, we will send you the delete tune file via email with instructions on how to download it. Please read the tab above for more information.

Sometimes, your tuning device may show an error code. Do not panic. It is an easy fix.

Every vehicle is unique. In the event that you receive an error code, don’t worry. These issues are super easy to resolve.

All you need to do is open a support ticket

Our tune technicians will review the ticket within 1 business day and assist you.


EFI Live

  1. Stock (0HP added) Ideal for fuel economy, reliability, towing and daily driving
  2. +65HP Ideal for fuel economy, reliability, towing and daily driving
  3. +100HP Ideal for Performance
  4. +130 HP Recommended only for modified vehicles

Ez Lynk

  1. Stock (0HP Added) Ideal for fuel economy, reliability, towing and daily driving
  2. +40HP Ideal for fuel economy, reliability, towing and daily driving
  3. +80HP Ideal for towing and enthusiastic driving
  4. +120HP Ideal for Performance, modifications to truck may be required
  5. +160HP Recommended only for modified trucks


Transmission tuning included EFI Live and Ez Lynk bundles.


Shipping Times

With standard shipping, you’ll receive your kit within 6-10 business days from the moment you placed your order.

With express shipping, you’ll receive your kit within 4-6 business days from the moment you placed your order. Express shipping has an additional cost of $199 for this bundle and $299 with the 5" exhaust.

*Note: Alaska, Hawaii and some Canadian locations will be subject to additional freight charges

We have different return policies for each item in the bundles, please read carefully:

1) The EFI LIVE AND EZ LYNK TUNER are built to order products and not eligible for refunds and cancellations. We guarantee the tuner will work. If you received a faulty or damaged tuner we will replace it.

2) All exhaust systems and DPF/CAT delete pipes are final sale and not eligible for a refund or return. However, if you receive a faulty product or the wrong product, we will send you a replacement.

3) The EGR Delete Kit is eligible for returns only if it is unused (ie: it was never installed on your truck) within 30 days of purchase. You are responsible for return shipping fees. There is also a $30 restocking fee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Frank Duell
Great product !

I was nervous about installing this kit. It was recommended by my dealer service manager after I already found it on-line.
The purchase was easy and secure. The shipping was very fast. Two deliveries.
I installed it myself having hardly any knowledge of car mechanics. But the videos were very helpful. I struggled a bit with frozen bolts, but got it done.
I recommend to prepare very thoroughly for bad situations like stripped bolts/ nuts and hard to reach areas.
I completed the install without any catastrophes.
I am very proud of myself to have this accomplished without any mechanics help.
It morphed into an absolute beast of power. So much more power. And better gas mileage.
The 5" exhaust sounds awesome without the muffler.
I am so happy I did this !
I recommend this delete kit and the company , very much.
I am one happy customer !

Vernon Beachy
2014 Ram

Had a little bit of a struggle to download the files from the web, but after that all went well and my truck runs much better than it ever has! Im very happy!

Adam Cheramie
Exhaust issue

The last piece of the exhaust was not flared so it wouldn’t fit

Craig Hull
Happy in ks

Kit was complete and easy to install would buy again

Rick Hodges

Parts were no problem but tuning was complicated wish the tuner was already loaded with the tune file

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