What is the DPF & should you delete it?

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filter in your exhaust system that traps soot and other particulates from engine exhaust.

When the filter gets full of soot, the vehicle begins the regeneration cycle, using fuel to burn off the soot.

As you can imagine, during this cycle, power and fuel economy are significantly reduced.

But the biggest issue is the damage the clogged DPF causes on your engine.

Eventually, all DPFs need to be deep cleaned, replaced or cause some sort of engine damage.

A DPF Delete pipe physically removes this filter, allowing for a free flow of exhaust away from the engine and out of the exhaust tip.

The added flow improves horse power, turbo spool rate and fuel efficiency. It will also add years to your engines life.

When you use a DPF delete pipe, you will need to install a delete tune to configure your truck's computers to function without the DPF.

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Should you delete the dpf?
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