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EFI Live Autocal V3 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins 2007-2021 | Delete Tuner

EFI Live Autocal V3 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins 2007-2021 | Delete Tuner

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The Full Delete Bundle includes everything you need to remove your entire emissions system. Your emissions codes will be gone. Your truck will last longer and get better fuel economy.

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When you install the delete tune, your truck will no longer have emission related codes or warnings. 

This includes all

1) “See Dealer” codes

2) Check engine codes

3) “Exhaust system service required” codes

4) Limp Mode codes

5) Other emissions related diagnostic codes


By deleting the factory emission system which has been suffocating your diesel, you’ll immediately notice a night and day difference. It will perform better in every imaginable way, including speed, fuel economy (5 mpg increase on average), and fewer trips to the repair shop.

Over time, the kits pays for itself with the fuel savings alone. That’s not even considering how many costly trips to the dealer you’ll be saving yourself.

The last benefit is peace of mind, knowing your truck no longer has a ticking time bomb attached to it.


The EFI Live delete tuner will permanently upgrade your truck to work without the suffocating factory emissions system.

This means you can remove ALL emissions-related parts and sensors for good, including the:

- DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

- DEF tank (Diesel Exhaust fluid)

- EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

- CAT (Catalytic Converters, including DOC and NOX, etc.)

This is made possible by our custom delete tunes that wipe away the emissions system from your truck’s computer.


You will then use the EFI Live V8 software (Free to install) to download the delete tune from your computer to your EFI Live device.

We will provide basic instructions on how to do this, but please be aware, a Windows 7+ Computer Required is required, no Macs or old PCs.

After your download the delete tune into your EFI Live device, plug the EFI Live into your OBDII port (under your steering wheel).

Follow the tune installation instructions we sent you. (Tech support is also available).

Once the pesky emissions system is “deleted” from your truck’s programming, you can proceed to remove all of the parts that are holding your diesel back from running at its best.

You will need to install a DPF Delete Pipe after you install this tune.

You can find the DPF Delete pipes and exhaust systems here

If you need a full delete bundle, that includes this tuner, delete pipe and egr delete, find it here.


1) EFI Live Autocal with all required cables and accessories, unlock cables provided for 2018+ models.

2) Delete Tune customized to your specific truck (NOT Preloaded, requires Windows 7+ computer to install).

3) CSP4/5 Switch for shifting power levels on the fly.

4) Transmission Tuning ( 68RFE ONLY)

5) Step by Step Delete Tune Installation Instructions (emailed to you)


Truck years :

2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020,2021 6.7L.


Compatible with Ram 2500, 3500, 4500 & 5500. (From 2007-2018 ONLY) Pick Up and Cab & Chassis models


All Cab & Chassis trucks only come with a single tune file

It is a +50HP tune.

A Cab & Chassis truck is one that says "Incomplete Vehicle" below the VIN on the registration sticker, typically found on the driver door.

Most Cab & Chassis trucks are the 4500 and 5500 models.

2007-2010 Cab&Chassis models must be equipt with DUAL fuel tanks ONLY.

For all Cab & Chassis trucks, please reach out to our team to make sure of compatibility.

PHONE : (888) 830-2588 Ext 2



The Custom EFI Live Tune Includes multiple power levels so you can run your truck the way you want to.

The included CSP4/5 switch will let you change between the power levels in real time (aka: "Shift on The Fly").

2007-2021 Ram 6.7L Models ( Includes Shift On the Fly )

Level 1: "Stock" +0HP. Ideal for daily driving, towing, and best MPG.

Level 2: +65HP. Ideal for daily driving, towing.

Level 3: +100HP. Ideal for daily driving, towing.

Level 4: +130HP. Ideal for performance applications.


To make sure you don't run into any problems with your EFI Live delete tuner, make sure your computer or laptop meets the minimum system requirements.

Software: EFI Live Scan & Tune Software V8. Download it for free at EFI Live's website.

Operation System: PC or Laptop with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11. Not compatible of Macintosh or Linux.

Connectivity: One available USB port to connect the EFI Live tuner to your computer.

Display: We recommend a standard monitor or laptop screen.

Storage: Minimum of 1GB of available hard drive space.


Not tech savvy? Nervous about the software or potentially frying your truck? No worries! With every purchase, we send you a step-by-step instruction guide.

And yes, if you run into any technical issues, we got your back. You can contact us anytime and we’ll resolve any issues you may encounter.

If you run into issues, open a support ticket here


The tune we create for the EFI Live is a custom delete tune. After purchasing the EFI Live bundle, you will be emailed a vehicle information form. You are required to provide the following information:

1) VIN

2) Year/Make/Model

3) Transmission Type

4) Transfer Case Type

5) Tire Size

6) Any Vehicle Modifications

Once we receive this information, we need 1-2 business days days to process your custom tune.


Sometimes, your EFI Live device may show an error code. Do not panic. It is an easy fix.

Every vehicle is unique. In the event that you receive an error code, don’t worry. These issues are super easy to resolve.

All you need to do is open a support ticket here

Our tune technicians will respond to your request within 1 business day. We will email you the updated version with step by step instructions on how to download it on your EFI Live device. 


Processing & Shipping
After you place your order, please fill out the vehicle information form that is emailed to you. We will require this form to be filled out before we are able to ship your order.

Once we receive this form, we need 1-2 business days to create your tune.

With standard shipping, you will receive your tuner in 4-8 Business days

Expedited shipping is available at checkout which will reach you in 2-4 business days.

* Note: Alaska, Hawaii and some Canadian locations will be subject to additional freight charges

Return/Refund Policy

The EFI Live is a built to order product and not eligible for refunds and cancellations. We guarantee the tuner will work. If you received a faulty or damaged tuner we will replace it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Derrick Burdick
Excellent systems absolutely the best out there

From the time I researched this delete throughout installation I received tech support along with a detailed explanation of the system itself. Adrian Contacted me with purchase information along with information on which system would work best for my application. The kit is quality made with easy to follow instructions even for a beginner tech who isn’t really familiar with the delete process. I would recommend the Diesel Dudes to anyone who is looking to delete their diesel truck. They really live up to their motto “LETS MAKE DIESEL GREAT AGAIN” and with the Diesel Dudes on our side we truly can.

Bruce Crowley
6.7 cummins

I got deleted and tuned but did not fill any power difference

what power setting is your tune set on?

Lawrence Derrick
Delete Tune

I found the delete a bit creepy complicated at first with all the emails but after a while it was very straight forward . It was simple to load onto truck, straight pipe i found a bit louder then expected but all in all an easy installation once i got past the loading of module

Christopher Markgraf
Don’t blow smoke

These guys don’t fk around. Placed an order-had the pipes the next day. Tuner shipped 1-2 days later-delivered the next day. I’m in Texas btw. Install video is on point. Tuner w/ trans tune is great and I smell diesel again! Seeing @ 2 mpg difference. Asked a question via email which was answered and then they called to ask if I had any other questions.great customer service.

Steve Keehner
EFI Live

Really woke the truck up!! Very easy to install and the videos and PDF were great. Wish the bypass wires were already twisted (hard to do without proper tools) The turner did a great job and no codes!! Like how the exhaust brake stays on if you leave it on after you shut the truck off! Will defiantly be purchasing more from you for dad's truck. Hope you can keep on tuning theses trucks as new one's hit the market

THE DIESEL DUDES vs Other Retailers




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