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GM/Chevy Duramax 6.6 L5P Full Delete Bundle | 2017-2023

GM/Chevy Duramax 6.6 L5P Full Delete Bundle | 2017-2023

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This brand new full delete bundle for the L5P Duramax is the first of its kind to simplify the tuning process for 2017+ GM & Chevy Trucks. With the included ECM Upgrade Kit, you no longer need to purchase an unlocked ECM. Included is everything you need for a full DPF/DEF/EGR delete.

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When you install the delete tune, your truck will no longer have emission related codes or warnings. 

This includes all

1) “See Dealer” codes

2) Check engine codes

3) “Exhaust system service required” codes

4) Limp Mode codes

5) Other emissions related diagnostic codes


The Full Delete bundle(s) will permanently upgrade your truck to work without the suffocating factory emissions system.

This means you can remove ALL emissions-related parts and sensors for good, including the:

- DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

- DEF tank (Diesel Exhaust fluid)

- EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

- CAT (Catalytic Converters, including DOC and NOX, etc.)

This is made possible by custom delete tunes that wipe away the emissions system from your truck’s computer.

Once the pesky emissions system is “deleted” from your truck’s programming, you can proceed to remove all of the parts that are holding your diesel back from running at its best.

Our kit includes a DPF/CAT delete pipe that bolts in place of the original DPF and CAT in the exhaust system.

Lastly, the EGR delete kit will allow you to fully remove the original EGR system, seal shut the openings, and reroute the exhaust to flow out of the pipe.


1) Tuning unlock tool

2) Delete Tuning with Shift on The Fly

3) CAN Plugs

4) DPF/CAT Delete Pipe OR 5" Full Exhaust Options made with Stainless steel.

5) Full EGR Delete Kit


We have an option to add a down pipe to your order. This add on is optional and not required for the delete kit to function.

This 3.5" turbocharger downpipe (also known as the turbo direct pipe) will remove the DOC and increase exhaust flow out of the turbo, improving performance.  There are other versions of this pipe that start behind the Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, leaving it installed for emissions-on setups but this pipe will fully remove the DOC for the best airflow and power gains. Both DPF delete pipes, and full exhaust systems do not include a DOC delete, this pipe is needed to fully remove your emissions but isn't required for a delete tune. 



  • 3.5" Stainless Steel Piping
  • 20% better flow than the factory pipe
  • Heat wrap included keeping engine bay temperatures down
  • Greater heat-retention
  • Will not affect emissions systems
  • Maximum flow for competition applications
  • 4-bolt flange, two studs installed
  • Completely eliminates the DOC


This also requires the use of a laptop to install the tune.

The Laptop must be a PC/Windows with a minimum of Windows 7 operating system. Macintosh and Linux are not compatible.

We will send you a video on how to install the tune after purchase.

The Instructions include steps on using the ECM upgrade kit, your laptop and the HP tuning device so you can easily install your delete tune.


Included in this kit is the brand new E41 ECM Upgrade Kit by HP Tuners.

This means you no longer need to purchase and install an unlocked ECM.

This significantly reduces cost and makes installation simple.

Your tune installation only takes 20 minutes when you follow along our step by step video guide (emailed to you after purchase).


Our tune will allow you to choose a power setting for any application.

The Power Options range from 0-200HP depending on the Year of your truck.

The Power Options are:

Stock (No HP Added)
+200HP (This level can very 20HP or so depending on if you have a cold air intake and full exhaust)

Shift on the Fly is offered in this package. You can change your horse power level using your trucks steering wheel controls.

A simple to follow, 2 minute video on how this is done is emailed to you after purchase.


By deleting the factory emission system which has been suffocating your diesel, you’ll immediately notice a night and day difference. It will perform better in every imaginable way, including speed, fuel economy (5 mpg increase on average), and fewer trips to the autobody shop.

Over time, the kit pays for itself with the fuel savings alone. That’s not even considering how many costly trips to the dealer you’ll be saving yourself.

The last benefit is peace of mind, knowing your truck no longer has a ticking time bomb attached to it.


The tunes we create for this bundle are custom delete tunes.

After purchasing this bundle, you will be emailed a vehicle information form.

Please fill out the form electronically with the information required (Such as VIN, year/make/model, etc.)

We will require this from to be filled out before we ship out your order. If you do not see the email please contact us.

If you run into any issues, please open a customer support ticket with our team


With standard shipping, you’ll receive your kit within 4-8 business days from the moment you placed your order.

With express shipping, you’ll receive your kit within 3-4 business days from the moment you placed your order. Express shipping has an additional cost of $199 for this bundle and $299 with the 5" exhaust.

* Note: Alaska, Hawaii and some Canadian locations will be subject to additional freight charges

Return Policy

All exhaust systems and DPF/CAT delete pipes are final sale and not eligible for a refund or return. However, if you receive a faulty product or the wrong product, we will send you a replacement.

The EGR Delete Kit is eligible for returns only if it is unused (ie: it was never installed on your truck) within 30 days of purchase. You are responsible for return shipping fees. There is also a $30 restocking fee.

The remainder of the kit is not refundable. This includes all the parts required for tuning and the ECM upgrade kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I have now put a few thousand miles on this kit and have taken care of the little kinks and trust it 100% now. I want to give this a five star review very badly but for the money spent, there are a few minor details with the kit that I believe should be improved. First I want to say that the customer service is great and overall the kit if very easy to install and follow. The exhaust installation and the CAN plug locations should have better instructions, very minor gripe and it’s pretty easy to figure out with a little common sense and maybe some googling, but for cost, I believe that information should just be provided in the instructions provided. The minor yet major problems that I ran into with the kit was the cheap fitting provided to replace the OEM heater inlet and the small piece of capped hose that goes over the nipple that is no longer needed on the coolant hardline. Both separate occasions of these parts failing caused me to dump roughly 4 gallons of coolant each time. So on top of the 100ish bucks you already spend on coolant when performing the delete, I had to go and spend roughly 200-220 dollars more on coolant when the parts gave. I ended up making my own fitting for the coolant line and recently ended up buying the Dorman Billet heater core adapter piece. Other than that, this kit has been absolutely awesome and seriously wakes the L5P up. I hope that this will be taken into consideration by the Diesel Dudes and they will have better parts implemented into the kit in the future making this 100% a 5 star kit.

Jacob Buckles
Great product.

Easy to follow and everything fit as it should.

Philly blunt
A decent kit

Just use the same oem bolts and nuts instead of the supplied ones they are very cheap and will shear off, also don’t use the supplied plug cap for the turbo coolant line. This kit is expensive and you could probably buy everything you need and slightly better quality for cheaper elsewhere.

Jason Thompson
This is a five star company

The customer service is second to none! I love these guys. My kit and tuning software all arrived at nearly the same time. I couldn't have asked for a smoother experience.

Works as promised

This is a great kit with the exception of the directions could use a few more pics and if your going to attempt this by yourself plan on at least 2 days. Also there are is not any technical assistance on the weekends.

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