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Ram Cummins 6.7 Full Delete Bundle | 2022-2024

Ram Cummins 6.7 Full Delete Bundle | 2022-2024

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The Full Delete Bundle includes everything you need to remove your entire emissions system. Your emissions codes will be gone. Your truck will last longer and get better fuel economy. Included is a NEW ECM, tuner with preloaded delete tunes, a rust-resistant, delete exhaust, and a complete EGR delete kit.

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When you install the delete tune, your truck will no longer have emission related codes or warnings. 

This includes all

1) “See Dealer” codes

2) Check engine codes

3) “Exhaust system service required” codes

4) Limp Mode codes

5) Other emissions related diagnostic codes


2022-2024 Ram Cummins 6.7L Diesel 2500, 3500

The kits will fit all PICK-UP trims, cab and box lengths.

This kit will NOT fit the Cab & Chassis trucks.


Our tuning solution comes with an extra ECM from MOPAR. You may keep your original ECM if you wish to revert the truck back to factory.

This product requires the removal of your old ECM and the installation of this new one. If you are not familiar with these steps, please consult with a professional for assistance.

We will include instructions for the tune installation via email


The Full Delete bundle(s) will permanently upgrade your truck to work without the suffocating factory emissions system.

This means you can remove ALL emissions-related parts and sensors for good, including the:

- DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

- DEF tank (Diesel Exhaust fluid)

- EGR System (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

- CAT (Catalytic Converters, including DOC and NOX, etc.)

This is made possible by our custom delete tunes that wipe away the emissions system from your truck’s computer.

All you have to do is: 

Follow the tune installation instructions we sent you. (Tech support is also available).

Once the pesky emissions system is “deleted” from your truck’s programming, you can proceed to remove all of the parts that are holding your diesel back from running at its best.

Our kit includes a 4" full exhaust system that replaces your factory exhaust from the down-pipe to the tip.

Lastly, the EGR delete kit will allow you to fully remove the original EGR system, seal shut the openings, and reroute the exhaust to flow out of the pipe.


1) RaceME Ultra Delete Tuner with monitor and shift on the fly tuning and 68RFE transmission tuning

2) All required cables for installation


4) 4” Full Exhaust System

5) Complete EGR Delete Kit


By deleting the factory emission system which has been suffocating your diesel, you’ll immediately notice a night and day difference. It will perform better in every imaginable way, including speed, fuel economy (5 mpg increase on average), and fewer trips to the autobody shop.

Over time, the kit pays for itself with the fuel savings alone. That’s not even considering how many costly trips to the dealer you’ll be saving yourself.

The last benefit is peace of mind, knowing your truck no longer has a ticking time bomb attached to it.


Not tech savvy? Nervous about the software or potentially frying your truck? No worries! With every purchase, we send you a step-by-step instruction guide. Further tech support is also available should any issues arise.

The good news is, our tuners also come preloaded with your delete tune, just plug it into your truck’s OBDII port and follow our instructions to install your tune. 

And yes, if you run into any technical issues, we got your back. You can contact us anytime and we’ll resolve any issues you may encounter.

To install the exhaust system, you’ll need basic tools you probably already own (things like wrenches, ratchets, etc.). There is no welding required; it is installed using bolts and clamps (which we provide).

All of the pieces of the EGR delete kit are bolt on as well, no welding required. We will email you installation videos for these parts as well.

If you are a complete fish out of water when it comes to working on your truck, we highly recommend hiring a shop to do the install for you.


Transmission tuning included for 68RFE transmissions.


The tune includes 5 Power Levels with shift on the fly using

Rumble and Hiss Tunes also included

1) 0 (Stock) - Ideal for daily driving, reliability, and best MPG

2) +30HP - Gives a little extra power for towing, still great for daily driving/reliability/MPG

3) +60HP - More power for towing or highway driving.

4) +120HP - Performance applications

5) +150HP - Performance applications, additional modifications recommended

6) +180HP- Performance applications, additional modifications recommended


These kits will take 8-10 Business Days to ship out to you as custom tuning process requires more time to create.

Please note once this time line has passed, we will ship your bundle in respect to the shipping speed option chosen at checkout.


The tunes we create for this bundle are custom delete tunes.

After purchasing this bundle, you will be emailed a vehicle information form.

Please fill out the form electronically with the information required (Such as VIN, year/make/model, etc.)

We will require this from to be filled out before we ship out your order. If you do not see the email please contact us.

If you run into any issues, please open a customer support ticket with our team


Please note These kits will take 8-10 Business Days to ship out to you as custom tuning process requires more time to create.

With standard shipping, you’ll receive your kit within 6-8 business days after it has shipped.

With express shipping, you’ll receive your kit within 3-4 business days after it has been shipped. Express shipping has an additional cost of $299 for this bundle.

*Note: Alaska, Hawaii and some Canadian locations will be subject to additional freight charges.


We will handle your ECU/PCM like it belongs to our own truck.

However, we are not responsible for any damage, theft or loss due to FedEx or UPS.

Incidents with shipping companies are rare, but in the event your ECU/PCM is damaged in transit, stolen or lost, we do not bear any responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviewsWrite a reviewAsk a question100%(4)0%(0)0%(0)0%(0)0%(0)Most RecentHighest RatingLowest RatingOnly PicturesPictures FirstVideos FirstMost HelpfulReviews (4)Questions (1)G03/29/2024Gerald HaynesGreat people to work with very responsive

Very easy kit to install turn around time on flash was very quick

S01/14/2024Shawn Pinkerton100% Satisfied!

My buddy and I installed the bench delete on my 2016 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel. I am 100% satisfied with it. it is not a difficult install. It took about six hours. Thankfully, we did not run into any issues with rusted bolts, etc. I had a few questions prior to the installation and customer service was outstanding. I got exactly what I wanted. My truck no longer sounds like a Toyota Corolla. I went with the 50 hp... Read more

M08/24/2023Michael DraperGreat product

I would highly recommend these folks at Diesel Dudes. They care and the products are good and the prices are decent. Highly recommended

J02/18/2023Joshua TownshendSolid Full Kit

Great customer service, good quality product. Just need some good instructions with photos available for the Ecodiesel folks. Lots of resources online so install was straightforward. Note to others whom buy an ECM instead of sending their current vehicle ECM for the bench tuning, you will NEED Alpha OBD in order to write your vehicle VIN to it or the vehicle immobilization will go full lockdown.

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This is a built to order bundle and is not eligible for returns or refunds.

If you receive the wrong part, or a damaged part beyond use, or your kit is missing a part, we will send you a replacement at no extra charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ordered: Mike #16581
2022 ram

Love the product everything works great my truck is finally alive, only grip is I didn’t get any info for the race me tuner install so I had to put the exam back in the truck an extra time but it all worked out couldn’t be happier

Jay Eichenberg
Great Repair

We were having a few issues that were affecting our workflow. The Diesel Dudes assisted with repairs, and I feel like up-time will be greatly increased.

Adam Lyon
2022 cummins delete

great fit works great

Beautiful kit

Kit came as advertised. Instructions are spot on I would recommend it to anyone looking to get more power and better MPG.

Very Good Fix

I bought a 22 Ram 2500 with the 6.7 Cummins, it would run fine around town. But when driving any distance or towing (the reason for buying a Pick-up) it would jerk buck down the road. Every egr code would be stored in the computer, really every one. Cummins could not fix it, and Ram Dealer did not know how to fix it, I figured this out after 4 visits to the dealer. Now the exciting part. I installed the parts from The Diesel Dudes and took a 600 Mile trip no problems what's so ever no codes no bucking or jerking just a smooth ride averaging 26 MPG at 65 to 70 MPH. Thank you The Diesel Dudes for fixing my ride.

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